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You can come out to any of our skirmishes and witness history replaying itself for free. There is no cost to watch. Please check the Western Region skirmish schedule for dates and locations. Want to find out more before heading out? Click below to contact us. We will try to answer any of your questions.

What is the North-South Skirmish Association or the N-SSA? The N-SSA has almost 3500 individuals in 13 different regions that compete in skirmishes throughout the eastern half of the country. The Western Region is one of the 13 regions within the N-SSA and focus on the area of Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa. Click below to find out more about the N-SSA.

Skirmish matches are the closest things to Civil War combat with one exception: the enemy is the clock. Competitors shoot original or approved reproductions of Civil War period weapons. And when we say "SHOOT", we mean it. These are live-fire matches,  shooting at breakable targets in a timed match. Want to see history at work? Want to hold a part of history in your own hands. Click below to find out more about our shoots and other events.

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Western Region

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Sandy Ford Skirmish June 24-26, 2022

The N-SSA: Preserving America's Civil War Heritage through Black Powder Shooting Sports since 1950.

Celebrating 27 Years of Skirmishing

Interested in Blue or Gray. Interested in the Artillery, Infantry, or Sharpshooters?  Click below to find out more about the units that make up the Western Region and the officers that make things run. 

Due to federal, state and local COVID-19 restrictions many events in 2021 were cancelled. The 2022 schedule has been made with the hopes that this year will not be a repeat of last year. Please be advised that our skirmish schedule may be challenging again. Please visit our website for updates and possible cancellations.

Individual and Team Marksmanship/Live Fire Competition using Civil War Small Arms and Artillery. Rifled Muskets, Carbines, Revolvers, Smoothbore Muskets, Spencers, Repeaters, Cannons, Mortars, and Pistols .

Illinois, Wisconsin and Iowa

Keeping history alive, one target at a time.