Western Region

                               of the North-South Skirmish Association

Bristol Skirmish July 18-19

6thVirginia, Company E & 29th Wisconsin

Present an ACWSA/N-SSA ShootSaturday & Sunday 18-19July 2020Conservation Club of Kenosha CountyBristol, Wisconsin

As the world recovers from the Chinese global biological attack on mankind, the whole world is asking: Is the N-SSA going to have a shoot this year? The answer is YES! 

The CCKC may impose distancing requirements. We will adjust as required. We may shoot two frames per team to maintain distancing. Relays will be as required.

Schedule of Events

Saturday 20 July

0830Commanders’Meeting for Smoothbore and carbine.

0900 Team Smoothbore Competition (3 man team)

1200 Lunch Bring your own. Food will not be served by hosting teams.

1300 Team Carbine Competition (5 man team)

Water, soft drinks and coffee available any time, possibly.

Sunday 21 July

0830Team Commanders’ Meeting (Musket teams only, Team fees payable at this time)

0845 Opening Ceremony and Awards presentations

0900Team Musket Competition (5 man team)

Clean-up following Musket Competition.

Team Carbine (5 min. events)                                      Team Musket (5 min. events)

50 yd 20 Pigeon board                                                 50 yd 20 Pigeon board

50 yd 10 Hanging 4” tiles                                             50 yd10 Hanging 4” tiles

50 yd 10 Hanging clays                                               50 yd 10 Hanging clays

50 yd 10 Hanging cups                                                50 yd 10 Hanging cups

50 yd* 6 MoSkeets                                                      50 yd* 6 MoSkeetsTeam

Smoothbore (3 min. events)

25 yd 9 Pigeon board

25 yd 6 Hanging 4” tiles

25 yd 6 Hanging Clays

50 yd 5 Hanging 6” tiles

* Simulated 100 yd event

All times are hrs. subject to change with minimal notice.

Team Awards

First through Third for each team match, First place only for “B” team, if applicable.

Fees and Notes:

Teams: $8 per man per team event. All ACWSA and N-SSA rules apply, as applicable.

Uniforms must be worn for all team shooting events.

All N-SSA shooters must display a current Membership Card (in their name).

Directions: See “bristol ranges.com” for directions to the range.Please note: Because of the ever changing guidelines for PPE, distancing, washing and whatever, we ask that each individual exercise whatever precautions that he may deem necessary. If you are in any way sick or have a fever, please stay home. If an individual that you may approach is uncomfortable with your proximity, then you must wear some sort of PPE for his protection.This information will be updated as we get closer to the actual shooting date.Timers may inform the team of how much time is remaining in an event, but only if asked to do so.Stay safe and shoot well.For More

Information contact:

Bob Bucher, 224 578-3364 rbucher27@sbcglobal.net

John Mark, 920 295-4790 jmark48@hotmail.comRevision 0