Western Region

                               of the North-South Skirmish Association

46th Illinois N-SSA & 66th North Carolina ACWSA

Phil Thouvenin Memorial Skirmish

Location: Beloit Rifle Club.  851 E Philhower Rd. Gate A. Beloit WI. 53511

Date: August 21-23, 2020


Individual and Team matches – Awards & Fees

Individual                     Awards                                          Individual Fees  
Musket                          50 & 100 yd 3 places, agg                 -Entry fee $2       
Carbine                         50 & 100 yd 3 places, agg                 -Re-entry $1
Smoothbore                   25 & 50 yd 2 places, agg                   -All aggregates
Breechloader                 50 & 100 yd & 2 places, agg              must be purchased

                                                                                          with targets $2

Team                            Awards                                          Team Fees          

Musket (5 person)          3 places, 1st sleeve of caps                 $10 per shooter
Carbine (5 person)          3 places, 1st sight black                      $10 per shooter   
Smoothbore (4 person)    2 places                                           $10 per shooter
Breechloader (3 person)  1 place                                            $10 per shooter

All individuals are un-classified.  Uniforms must be worn to compete in any competition, if it is hot the skirmish director will determine if uniforms must be worn.  All N-SSA rules apply.

Beloit rifle club is a new range this year for the N-SSA.  We will be using the western entrance “A”, it will be open at 1pm on Friday for camping set up.

Camping & Amenities:  There is plenty of camping space available for trailers, tents and RV’s with a very short walk to the range.  There is a clubhouse on the black powder range along with porta-potties, there are flush toilets near-by at the main clubhouse.

Food:  Breakfast will be served at the main clubhouse Saturday and Sunday morning along with lunch at the range, and a pasta dinner Saturday night.

FYI:  There is no cover, so in case of inclement weather, plan accordingly.  The facility is 64 acres with 11 different range disciplines and will be open to club members, no-one else will be on the black powder range but us.  It is all the way on the south west end of the property therefore no one will be walking through our camping area.  There will also be a novelty individual target with a prize.  There will be no overnight sleeping in either clubhouse.

Beloit is a large town with plenty of stores and hotels about 5 miles south of the range.
Since we have never held a skirmish at the Beloit Rifle Range I will attempt to answer some questions you might have:

The range we are using is on the far west end of the property and is dedicated to black powder shooting only,  we will be the only ones using it.  The 50/100 yard range is approx. 90 feet wide and the 25 yard is also approx. 90 feet wide.  The firing line is flat and grass covered. The ready area is tree covered but if you desire total shade bring a "pop-up".  The ready area measures 39 ft by 240 ft with 12 heavy duty tables with slots cut in them for your firearm and cleaning rod, they are also strong enough for a shooting box.  The tables are 8ft by 3ft and are separated from each other by 12-15 feet.  Last year the 46th had 25 shooters at their skirmish if you do the math that could be 2 people per table plenty of social distancing.

The camping area is southwest of the firing line and a very easy walk to the line.  It is a large grassy area with plenty of mature trees for shade.  No one will be walking thru the camping area except fellow skirmishers.  The club has requested we have only one ground fire and we will accommodate that request. Parking is directly adjacent to the range. There is a "log" cabin, 25x25,  behind the ready area with A/C for our comfort. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.
  Thanks, Kevin

Friday, August 21, 2020
1:00 pm                Range open for camping set up, use the west entrance “A”.

Saturday, August 22, 2020
6:30-7:30 am        Breakfast.  Coffee, sausage gravy, eggs, biscuits, juice.
8:00-11:00 am       Range open for individuals.
11:30 am              Carbine team commander meeting at the tower.
12:00 pm              Carbine team.
2:00 pm                Smoothbore team (or 15 minutes following carbine team).
5:30 pm                All you can eat pasta, garlic bread, salad. Individuals and carbine/smoothbore team awards.


Sunday, August 23, 2020
6:15-7:00 am        Breakfast at the clubhouse.
7:30 am                Breechloader, Musket team commanders meeting.
8:00 am                Breechloader team (if no breechloader teams present everything will move ahead one hour).
9:00 am                Opening ceremonies.
9:15 am                Musket team.

Musket team awards and range clean up.

Team Targeting
Carbine/Musket (5 person)                                  Breechloader (3 person)

50 yd-   20 pigeons on a backer                            50 yd- 12 pigeons on a backer
50 yd-   10 hanging 4” tile                                   50 yd- 6 hanging 4” tile
50 yd-   10 hanging pigeons                                 50 yd- 6 hanging pigeons
50 yd-   red/white/blue hanging blocks                  All firearms are single load only
100 yd- 7 hanging 6” tile                                    


Smoothbore (4 person)

25 yd- 12 pigeons on a backer
25 yd- 8 hanging 4” tile
50 yd- 6 hanging 6” tile

Breechloader 50yd 3 - man team
4 - clays on a backer

2- 4” tiles

2- hanging pigeons

Musket 5-man team
50 & 100yd
20- clays on backer
10- 4” tiles
10- hanging clays
10- water filled cups
7- 6” tiles @ 100yd

*Breechloader targeting are for single shot firearms.  Spencer shooters increase targets 50% per man.  Henry shooters increase targeting 100% for man. *

Payment may be sent to ‘46th IVI’
c/o Tim Herrick
po box 41
Malta Il. 60150
Skirmish director Bruce Acord
E-mail: rockshome@sbcglobal.net