Western Region

                               of the North-South Skirmish Association

Battery H - 1st Regt Ill Vol Lt Arty

66th North Carolina

Invite you to
The 15th Annual Frank V Matuszek
Memorial Skirmish

June 28th and 30th, 2019
Sandy Ford Sportsman’s Club Range

Greetings: We invite you, our fellow N-SSA and ACWSA Skirmishers to participate in the 15th Annual Matuszek Memorial Skirmish that will be held at the Sandy Ford Sportsman’s Club. We are hoping that you are available to come out and participate in our fun schedule of events.

Camping and Lodging

Camping is available around the club house area as before. Camping will be allowed starting noon of Friday, June 28th. The Club house will be open for use. Motels are available in Streator, Ottawa, and Morris. Grocery stores are present in Ottawa and Streator. Most of you have already been to Sandy Ford and know how to get there. If you need a map, please check out the Western Region Web page for a detailed map.


We will be offering food at the club house on Saturday and Sunday 6:30 to 7:30 AM. Five bucks will get you breakfast each day. On Saturday, we will be offering you a FREE Spaghetti Dinner. Yes, FREE. So stop by and fill up on pasta and good company.

Saturday we will start with the Individual Competitions. The pistol range will be open for 25 yard revolver and smoothbore and Smoothbore Pistol. Smoothbore Pistol targets will be fired at 12.5 and 25 yards. The main range will contain frames at 50 and 100 yards for the other events. Metals or ribbons will be awarded to the winners. We again will not be offering classifications for any of the individual events.

25 yard revolver – unclassified – 2 places
25 yard smoothbore – unclassified – 3 places
50 yard smoothbore - unclassified – 3 places
50 yard musket – unclassified – 3 places
100 yard musket – unclassified – 3 places
50 yard carbine – unclassified – 3 places
100 yard carbine – unclassified – 3 places
50 yard breech loader – unclassified – 2 places
100 yard breech loader – unclassified – 2 places
12.5 yard smoothbore pistol – unclassified - 3 places
25 yard smoothbore pistol – unclassified - 3 places

Musket – unclassified – 3 places
Carbine - unclassified – 3 places
Smoothbore - unclassified – 2 places
Musket/carbine – unclassified – 2 places
Grand aggregate – unclassified – 1 place
Breech loader – unclassified – 2 places
Smoothbore Pistol – unclassified – 2 places

Smoothbore Aggregate (musket and pistol) - 2 places

Entry fees: $2.00 Re-entry: $1.00 Aggregates: $1:00

Saturday (Uniforms must be worn to compete in all events*.)

Individuals: Target sales open at 7:30, with shooting at 8AM. Individuals will be open until 12:00 PM

This year we will be offering a SMOOTHBORE PISTOL Shooting Gallery Match. This will be an individual non-timed demonstration. Individuals will fire 5 rounds at a variety sized targets valued at different points and one at a special target. The individual with the highest points wins. This will be set up on the pistol range on Saturday. Cost is $5 per person. So if you want to shoot smoothbore pistol, bring it out.

Carbine Commanders Meeting: 12:30 PM
Carbine Team match: Starts at 1:00 PM
Smoothbore Team Commanders meeting and Match: 15 minutes after Carbine Matches

Lunch will be available at the range between 11 and 2 PM
This will be another FREE LUNCH and we will make sure we have enough hotdogs for all.

Please note: The cost is PER TEAM. Exceptions will be made if ACWSA teams who decide to compete with using reduced targeting.

Carbine Team (5 person) - $40 per team ($8 per shooter)
100 yard 6 hanging 6X6 tile
50 yard 20 Birds on a board
50 yard 10 hanging ceramic tiles
50 yard 10 hanging water filled bottles
50 yard 10 Water filled small cups

Smoothbore Team (4 person team) - $32 per team ($8 per shooter)
50 yard 6 X 6 tile
25 yard 8 hanging birds
25 yard 8 hanging ceramic tile
25 yard To be decided


This year we will attempt a Carbine II or Repeater demonstration match. This will consist of three person teams and we will firing at four events. All four events will be at 50 yards. Cost is $7.50 per person. So if you have a repeater or single shot, bring it out and we will find you a team. Target amounts will determine on the make of the firearms on the teams.

Repeater Commanders meeting and match at 8:00 AM
Commanders meeting at 8:30 or after Repeater Match
Opening Ceremonies at 8:45
Musket Match starts at 9

Carbine II or repeater Team (3 person) - $20 per team
Targeting to be determined. 4 Events.

Musket Team (5 person) -$40 per team ($8 per shooter)
50 yard 20 Birds on a board
50 yard 10 hanging ceramic tile
50 yard 10 hanging water filled small cups
50 yard Water filled bottles.
100 yard 6 – 6X6 tile

(All targets are subject to change)

Events and times subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen issues

According to Western Region rules: Uniforms must be worn during both individual and team matches. BUT per N-SSA Rule 15.13.1 In cases of extreme heat, resulting in a comfort level of 95 or higher, the requirement to wear approved uniforms shall be at the option of the skirmish director.

Please pre-register your teams by either calling 708-485-2731 or by email at batteryh-wr104@sbcglobal.net. Payment will be accepted via mail/prepay or at the skirmish.

Recruiting Opportunity

If you have any perspective members please invite them out to try firing some of the firearms we use. This is allowed by the N-SSA. It is a sure way to get new members. Please let us know if you plan on inviting people so we can make the necessary arrangements.