Western Region

                               of the North-South Skirmish Association

40 Rounds Skirmish –April  24 - 26, 2020


40 Rounds Skirmish –April 24-26, 2020
The 114th Illinois Volunteer Infantry and the 2nd Wisconsin Infantry are proud to host a joint Western
Region N-SSA and ACWSA Skirmish at the Lefthanders Gun Club, 9364 Rhea Road, Loami, Illinois.

Friday, April 24
Move in and set up any time after 1:00 pm

Saturday, April 25
7:00 Complimentary Breakfast served in the clubhouse
8:00 Range open for Individuals
11:00 Free Lunch available in the clubhouse
11:30 Range Closed. Commanders’ meeting (Breechloader, Smoothbore and Carbine)
12:00 Breechloader Competition
1:15 Carbine Team Competition
2:45 (Or right after carbine) Smoothbore Team Competition
6:30 Steak Toss and Potluck at the “Andersonville Cabaret Grill”- Individual awards at dinner
Saturday Night Dinner and Fellowship at the “Andersonville Cabaret Grill”
As always, we will fire up the big grill behind the clubhouse for steaks on Saturday night. The hosts
will provide baked potatoes and salad. Please bring your own meat, and if you can a side dish or desert
to pass. Feel free to bring your fiddle, banjo, or whatever.

Sunday, April 26
7:00 Complimentary breakfast in the clubhouse
8:00 Commander’s Meeting for Musket Team competitions.
8:30 Opening Ceremonies
8:45 Musket Team Competition
11:30 Cleanup and Team Awards Parade

Individual Competitions – Read Carefully! Major changes to Individuals since last year .
We will award Skirmish medals for nine individual events plus Musket-Carbine Aggregate. All events
are unclassified. All events and re-entries are $1.00. Events and Award

50 yrd Musket 1st-4th place                               25 yrd Smoothbore 1st-3rd Place

50 yrd  Carbine 1st -4th Place                            Smoothbore Aggregate 1st - 3rd Place

Musket-Carbine Aggregate 1st - 3rd Place        50 yrd Breechloader 1st - 3rd Place

25 yrd Revolver 1st - 3rd  Place                         Rifled Arms Grand agg (M+C+R) 1st - 3rd Place

25yard Smoothbore Pistol 1st - 3rd Place          Smoothbore Arms grand Agg (M+P) 1st-3rd

50 yrd Smoothbore 1st - 3rd Place

special Event - Special Prizes In honor of the Western Region’s 25th Anniversary, we are offering a special 25-yard “Center X”
traditional 19 th century-style target competition for some special prizes. You can use any N-SSA
approved firearm. All competitors registering for Individuals will get a free sheet of 4, one-shot
targets for this event. You may re-enter as often as you wish for $1.00 per target. Enter as often
as you wish, and potentially win more than one prize off the prize table. You don’t want to miss
this old-time target event!

Company Matches: In accordance with the Western Region policy, teams fees will be $10 per shooter for all events. Medals will be awarded to winners of all team events 1st - 3rd Place

For Breechloader Competition, you can use any N-SSA approved Breechloader or Carbine II firearm however this year we are going to try this as a single shot event to try to even out the simplify the competition. Repeaters may be used but will not load from their magazines.


Smoothbore musket           Carbine                             Breechloader                    Musket

25-50 yards                       50 yard                              50 yard                            50 yard

4 shooter - 4 events             5 shooters - 5 events          3 shooter - 4 events           5 shooter - 6 events

12 clays on a backer          20 clays on a backer           9 clays on a backer          20 clays on a backer

8 pots                                 10 4x4 tile                           6 4x4 tile                         10 4x4 tiles

8 4x4 tiles                          10 clays                                6 pots                               10 birds

6 big tile & bottles at 50     10 pots                                 6 mixed bottles                 10 pots

                                          10 mixed bottles                                                       10 mixed bottles

                                                                                                                          6 Deep south juicers

For further information contact

Jim Leinicke at 217 525 3725 or email usrifle1841@sbcglobal.net

Dan Graff 715 493 4440 or email kdgraff@gmail.com